Who we are

I was first introduced to Irlen back in early 1990’s. I was a Learning Support teacher specialising in working with reading difficulties students and had attended a seminar about using PASS (pre-assessment for Irlen Syndrome). On returning to my school, I decided to trial it with those students who – no matter what programs were used – were struggling to develop literacy skills. To my amazement – a specific overlay placed over the student’s reading – produced a dramatic result and I was hooked!  From then on, as part of my role I pre-screened all students who had been identified with reading difficulties and continued to be amazed at how a simple solution had such a profound effect. 

Fast forward to 10 years later when I moved to the Gold Coast and had an opportunity to train as a Screener.  I continued to screen students and refer them onto the local diagnostician for follow-up. Then the following year I moved to a new position as Head of a Special Education unit in the city of Ipswich and I continued to screen students and continue my advocacy for Irlen. 

In 2014 – I retired from fill time teaching and trained as a Diagnostician, working from home as well as undertaking casual teaching roles. 

In 2021 – with the growth in the number of clients I decided to work full-time as a Diagnostician and in November with the retirement of the Regional Director I was invited to take over her role!! 

I now have the opportunity to grow my practice and reach out to those in my regions and provide them with the opportunity to learn about Irlen and discover how it will help them and their families. 

Our screeners: Northern Rivers NSW

Rosemary Ruthven has been an accredited Irlen Screener since 2007  and currently lives in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.  Rosemary is a Reading and Dyslexia Specialist, retired MSL Educational Therapist, and the Creator of the NESA accredited series of courses for the Professional Development of teachers called Structured Literacy ABC. https://www.rosemaryruthven.com.au/workshops. Rosemary did her undergraduate studies in English and Linguistics at Macquarie University and her post-graduate studies in the United States including a Masters of Science in the teaching of reading. To read more about Rosemary and her experience as both a Teacher and Educational Consultant, please go to: https://www.rosemaryruthven.com.au/about-rosemary.

Rosemary resides in the Kingscliff area of Northern NSW. To book an Irlen Screening with Rosemary, please contact her through her website. https://www.rosemaryruthven.com.au/contact or Mobile: 0429040658.