Optometric Lenses vs Irlen Lenses

irlen ipswich model wearing purple glasses lense

Have had a number of clients recently who have been prescribed tinted lenses from optometrists and have come to the Clinic seeking answers as to why their lenses aren’t effective.

Firstly, Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing disorder, not an eyesight problem and therefore cannot be diagnosed by optometrists nor alleviated by prescription lenses.

Secondly, the tinted lenses from optometrists are not the same as Irlen spectral filters, even though some optometrists often tell their clients that they are the same just a different brand.

The tinting procedure and range of tints is completely different. During an Irlen assessment different combinations of tints are trialed to ensure that all problems are dealt with, not just removing glare from the paper. This can take from one layer to 15 layers. Each person ends up with their own unique colour. By filtering only certain wavelengths of light, symptoms improve or disappear.