What Is Involved in an Irlen Assessment?

Many new clients are unsure of what an Irlen assessment involves. It is actually a two-step process which involve

  1. An Initial Screening appointment where we determine whether you have Irlen Syndrome, its severity and whether colour can help reduce or eliminate difficulties.
  2. The second testing session involves the use of a limitless number of coloured filter combinations to identify the precise wavelengths of light which will help to overcome the problems.

During the tint assessment, clients work with different coloured lenses to create their own unique colour. This colour filters out offending wavelengths of light. Each person ends up with their own unique colour. By filtering only certain wavelengths of light, symptoms improve or disappear. The colour that clients wear as lenses is usually different from the overlay colour. The overlay makes the page look coloured. With the Irlen filters, the page will still look white; glare will be reduced and the print will be clear, stable and comfortable.

With Irlen filters the effect is immediate!