What is Irlen Syndrome

Dianne is a special education teacher and master of reading with 30 years experience as a Diagnostician of Irlen syndrome at Ipswich/ Brisbane West Irlen Clinic.

One of Dianne’s clients is a 19-year-old man who has suffered extremely from light sensitivity and migraines and has unfortunately been unable to work due to the severity of his condition. This particular client has since been through the screening and diagnostic process with Dianne and he has been diagnosed with severe Irlens syndrome. Now instead of struggling on a daily basis, he wears very dark tinted Irlen precision lenses and is finding major improvements every day in all areas of his life.

This is only one example of Irlen syndrome, as Dianne explains Irlen syndrome can be described as an “allergic reaction” to particular colors in the light spectrum, which creates a timing fault that affects how the brain processes the message from the eye. Irlen syndrome is not an eye problem, is, in fact, a brain problem, Often the clients will have perfect eyesight but can suffer from severe Irlen syndrome. Some of the symptoms include visual distortions, migraines, headaches, reading difficulties, ADD, poor concentration, travel sickness, chronic fatigue, clumsiness, poor spatial awareness, anxiety, low self-esteem.

Irlen lenses filter the light rays and allow the brain to process information without visual stress allowing those with Irlen lenses to see the World clearly. 

Irlen Syndrome affects approximately 15% of the general population and approximately 50% of those on the Autism spectrum. It’s important to ensure that you are screened by a qualified Irlen diagnostician as each person requires a unique colour combination to suit their individual condition, the wrong colour can cause increased symptoms.

If you or a loved one are suffering from light sensitivity or the symptoms listed above. Book your Irlen screening.